[11:22:15] <Loki> hello how can we help you
[11:22:46] <Luke_Whitelock> did you send me mail I get maill with no name ?
[11:24:13] <Luke_Whitelock> I can't find out who it is
[11:24:19] <Jevon> screenshot it
[11:24:52] <Loki> are you talking about a darkness message
[11:25:39] <Luke_Whitelock> yes
[11:25:54] <Jevon> THere has to be a name, as there are no anonymous messages
[11:25:56] <Luke_Whitelock> I can't do screenshot
[11:26:03] <Jevon> Why not
[11:26:17] <Luke_Whitelock> its off
[11:26:25] <Jevon> WHats off
[11:26:45] <Luke_Whitelock> screenshot you can have it off