[11:08:45] <Mikel> I don't bake a lot but when i do I try to find a recipe that goes by weight
[11:08:52] <Mikel> a cup of flour can vary immensely
[11:08:53] <Azarin> To me, cup means "grab whatever cup from the cupboard which is too small to drink from"
[11:09:10] <Mikel> Well that's just stupid, a cup is a defined measurement
[11:09:17] <Mikel> but it's only good for liquids
[11:09:43] <Mikel> Then you have BS like "a cup of brown sugar (loosely/tightly) packed"
[11:10:12] <Claven> You say that, but is it a coffee cup, or one of those little cappuchino cups, or a world cup? It doesn´t say! *kitchenfire*
[11:11:44] <Azarin> Haha, "use your 1994 world cup to measure the sugar. If you weren't part of the Brazil national team in that year, use a replica"