<@Twelve> did you just compare my anus to hitler?!
<+Loki> I .. didn't not compare your anus to hitler
<@Twelve> bloody heil, that pisses me off
<+Loki> ann frankly you shouldn't stand for it
<@Twelve> I won't, I'm fuhrious
<+Loki> I did nazi that coming
<@Twelve> nazi jokes are reich up your alley, eh
<+Loki> they're hitlerious!
<@Twelve> I can only gas at the amount of time you spend thinking these up
<+Loki> I can do it from mein kampfy bed
<@Twelve> well, this won't be goring anywhere productive
<+Loki> Don't lie, you know you goebbel these up
<@Twelve> I do, but I don't want jew to burn yourself out
<+Loki> Relax, I know dietrich to all of this. God of cryptic lols and all
<@Twelve> I suppose you ARE the reich person for this job
<+Loki> I will not stand führ you recycling your previous puns!
<@Twelve> what puns?! I do nazi what jew are talking about
* Loki serenades Ten with "don't jewish your boyfriend was hot like me"
<@Twelve> jew should probably gestappo listening to that pop music, step out of your kampfort zone once in a while
<+Loki> Auschwitz, I forgot to eat again. I'm gonna go make some luftwaffles. Guess I don't need the oven for that