[12:20:27] <LOKI|STARKPHONE> There isn't already a neon green skin. There was already a pink skin used by the smallest portion of the player base.
[12:21:01] <GEOFFREY> I don't recall ever seeing the pink one then.
[12:21:12] <GEOFFREY> Red, Black, Default Blue
[12:21:26] <LOKI|STARKPHONE> Green, grey, sith, and pink are the others
[12:21:32] <LOKI|STARKPHONE> And another blue I believe
[12:23:39] <MINTY_CREAM> two shades of gray, two shades of blue, two shades of green, two shades of red
[12:24:37] <LOKI|STARKPHONE> The highly unsuccessful sequel to 50 shades