[20:40:57] <Luke_Whitelock> I was a pilot for some people but I was stuck in a Y-wing
[20:41:07] <Luke_Whitelock> so I drop my guy
[20:41:31] <Sol_Savrek> Why did you lock yourself in a Y-Wing?
[20:41:48] <Luke_Whitelock> I did not I was attack in hyper space
[20:41:59] <Loki> ah yes with ship combat
[20:42:02] <Sol_Savrek> No you werent
[20:42:07] <Loki> and was your ship damaged in the attack
[20:42:10] <Sol_Savrek> You cant battle in hyperspace
[20:42:18] <Sol_Savrek> I call lies!
[20:42:45] <Luke_Whitelock> I was attack by pirates
[20:42:49] <Loki> which pirates?
[20:43:00] <Luke_Whitelock> they had a integrator gravity wall
[20:43:27] <Luke_Whitelock> no clue just said pirates
[20:44:37] <Luke_Whitelock> so I was stuck in space
[20:45:05] <Luke_Whitelock> had no were to go could not see where I was
[20:45:20] <Loki> How do you know you were attacked then
[20:45:22] <Mephiston> This sounds exciting, I want to play the game this guy is playing.