[15:32] * Lilly smiles at Stephy, the best woman.
[15:32] <@Horley_Cyan> Scott take the ring and place it in Lilly's finger
[15:32] <@Horley_Cyan> On Lilly's finger :)
[15:33] * Neria gigle
[15:33] <.Neria> s
[15:33] * Chin suppresses a laugh by coughing politely
[15:33] * Scott_Hood takes the ring and places it on Lilly┬┤s finger ( http://custom.swcombine.com/static/12/225/1-1196055-1347999164-large.jpg )
[15:33] * Django slap chin on the back to help him cough
[15:34] * Rus_Pendragon said ssshh to chin
[15:34] <@Horley_Cyan> Lilly can u please take the ring and place it on Scott's finger
[15:34] * Finar_the_Hutt shifts slightly (a large movement for a hutt)
[15:34] * Lilly gently holds Scott's hand and slides the ring onto his finger.
[15:35] * Stonewall_Lee takes a swig from his flask
[15:37] * var (var@swc-irc.n57.837.v1n9rq.IP) has joined #House_Derycke
[15:37] <@Horley_Cyan> Your lives before this day were but small streams running down a hillside, today you have become one and together are a force that can accomplish great tasks. Always remember this and few things will ever become a hindrance to u
[15:38] * var walks into the building, into the isle and looks about for a brief moment. He promptly drops his drawers, squats and takes a shit, then turns and walks back out with his trousers still around his ankles.
[15:38] * var (var@swc-irc.n57.837.v1n9rq.IP) has left #House_Derycke
[15:38] * Neria sets mode +b *!var@swc-irc.n57.837.v1n9rq.IP for #House_Derycke
[15:38] <Leebri_Chelski> O.O
[15:38] <Leebri_Chelski> Seriously
[15:39] <Leebri_Chelski> ****
[15:39] * Lilly God modes badly
[15:39] * Anax sipps his beer
[15:39] * Stonewall_Lee cleans up the Dug excrement
[15:39] <+Rus_Pendragon> ****
[15:39] <@Stephy> sssh...
[15:39] <%Count_Ketwol> (hes Kaleesh now)