[22:42:21] <Cherokee> pink cotton candy
[22:42:27] <Cherokee> yes , i ate you all first
[22:42:30] <Cherokee> you disappoint me
[22:42:33] <Cherokee> blue is way better
[22:42:36] <Cherokee> blue cotton candy
[22:42:40] <Cherokee> i saved you for last
[22:42:57] <Cherokee> lets take our time , and go slow... i know you'll make the enjoyment so much sweeter for me
[22:45:44] * Cherokee turns down the lights
[22:45:56] * Cherokee snuggles bag close
[22:46:39] * Cherokee reaches hand into the opening and teases a soft fluffy piece of cloudy heaven free and puts it in his mouth to let it dissolve into blissful sweetness