[19:07:24] <Cherokee> 7:30 WHY SO LATE FINAL
[19:07:33] <Syn> no clue
[19:07:40] <Syn> it's scheduled for 8pm for some reason
[19:07:43] <Syn> I miss raid for it ]:
[19:07:43] <Syn> so rude
[19:07:57] <Cherokee> you like only one invited, and its in professor's office and he gave you key and you find candles lit and rose petals
[19:08:04] <Syn> hahaha
[19:08:06] <Syn> creepy
[19:08:09] <Cherokee> totally
[19:08:14] <Cherokee> that only happen to me once
[19:08:20] <Cherokee> easiest A i ever got